I cannot believe its been a month since I saw them. I had a blast at the decade tour and it has been the best thing that has happened to me (asides from finally buying a car) this year. Getting to see your favorite band is the best feeling in the world. I cannot wait till I see them again. They always make everything better for me. I literally listen to the EP about 8-10 times a day. I wish I could repeat the decade tour all over again!
😭 😭 😭 ♡ ♡ ♡
As for now I’ll continue my old boring life and reality until they tour again! Haha


i wish you could see you’re the only girl i’ve ever dreamed of

are you satisfied?!



You should know I’m dangerous


My thirst for blood turns me on

How sweet







Just 1 more

One thing I left off of my list of highlights

While waiting in line at the NC show, Shane Crump walked up and asked if he could get a ride to the band’s storage unit to pick up some forgotten supplies. I jumped at the opportunity of course haha

When he got in my car, he unplugged my ipod and plugged his in and started to play The Fray. He was singing along and it was so cute. c:

We finally got to where we were going and he met up with Pat and Jeremy to load some more tech stuff into their van. He got back in the car and said "thank you" like 100 times throughout the trip. At one point he said "I think I know of a way to thank you" and he picked up his ipod and selected one of the songs off of the Decade EP. (This was before the EP was out and I was freaking out) He said "I didn’t do this and you didn’t hear this". (I didn’t want to post about it until the EP actually released) I don’t remember what song it was because it was so long ago, but it was fantastic. I thinkit was Deja Vu All Over Again

Then we made it back to the venue and hopped back in line (only shitty thing was, we lost our spots in front of the line… I still made it up to the barricade at the show though. Mission accomplished) 

The End haha

im a really affectionate person once you get past my 5 layers of shyness, awkwardness, fear, vague dislike, and loneliness


lol Thank you, love

I miss the color in Jeremy and Shawn’s hair haha

I miss the color in Jeremy and Shawn’s hair haha

Continues to be my favorite Alesana blog tbh

Thank you! <3


Played through the entire campaign of Dishonored & I didn’t kill 1 person so I could get the trophy…I didn’t get it for whatever reason… all of the stats said 0 kills…

Now to play through again & kill everyone to get rid of the gamer rage caused by glitchy trophies. 


I want to go back to the Decade Tour so badly. I just keep thinking about those shows. The memories of those amazing nights are what get me through my shitty days. 


  • Every time Shawn would come up for a hug he would say “Oh, my favorite!” ….It killed me. Oh gosh. 
  • At the end of the OH show, Shawn hugged me and said “We love you so much Baylee. We appreciate everything you’ve done for us.”. This was after I thanked him for the 1987490837th time for my photo making it into the lyric booklet.
  • All the guys in Alesana knowing exactly which photo was mine without me showing them in the Decade lyric booklet. 
  • Gave Shane a ride to the band’s storage unit
  • On our final goodbyes Jake hugged me and said “It’s gotten to the point where we feel bad charging you for VIP because you come to so many shows” and “You are such an amazing, amazing, amazing human being and we appreciate that so much”
  • Shawn telling me about Naima being pregnant again before they had made their official announcement about it.(I felt so fancy haha Naima posted about being prego again on instagram with a cute pic of Sebastian holding the pregnancy test. So happy for them!)
  • Their merch guy, Mike, saying “you are seriously the nicest person I have ever met” and high fiving me haha
  • Shawn singing Nevermore to himself while loading the trailer after the IL show….It was so fucking cute
  • Shane complaining about how I ask for a signature every time I see him and questioning me on it “How many of my signatures do you have, like a thousand?!?”
  • Finch from Megosh hugging me after the MI show and saying “I love when you come to shows because I never have to say goodbye to you! You are always coming to the next show!”
  • Shawn saying “When I chose the photos for the contest, I wanted to look at them without names attached so I couldn’t pick favorites and when I had all of my photos chosen, I was excited to see that one of them was yours”….You have no idea how much this killed me
  • Jeremy’s excitement when I gave him a giftcard and a bunch of PS2 games
  • Giacomo (Alesana manager) saying “I love Baylee, she’s not an invasive fan, she’s so nice!”
  • Dennis taking my camera on stage with him
  • Pat taking pro selfies with me and my crappy camera
  • The guys in Megosh being wonderful 
  • Megosh’s reaction to the food giftcards that I got them bahaha
  • And finally Jake asking me to tweet to him every time I made it home safe after a show (since I had 4/5hr drives home after each one). On the last show he just pointed at me and said “You know what to do when you get home”

These are the things that make me smile and keep me going. 

'If they want silence, then disappoint them all!' is my favorite lyric just in case you were curious.
Shawn Milke
Okkkkk. NOW I’m done

Okkkkk. NOW I’m done